Classrooms and Labs

What is it?

More than 95 percent of University classrooms have installed presentation technology. Specific features vary by classroom, but the standard features may include:

  • Digital projector or flat panel display
  • Resident computer
  • Document camera
  • DVD player
  • Laptop connections
  • Control system (touch or button panel)

Some classrooms offer additional features:

  • Software (Tegrity) and cameras installed in some classrooms allow faculty members to create a video of classroom activity, including presentations and other materials displayed on the classroom computer. Faculty members can publish the videos for access by their students.
  • Interactive displays (Sharp digital annotation flat panels, SMART Podiums) allow digital annotation of computer content that can be saved to a file and shared with students.

Computer Labs

ITS manages public computer labs across campus. The Innovation Lab and video editing suite in Leyburn Library offer specialized software for creation and editing of graphics, audio, and video. In addition, some departments maintain specialized computer labs for their students.

IQ Center

The IQ Center in the Science Center contains a computer visualization lab, a stereo 3D lab, and a mechanical/physical lab, in addition to advanced scientific equipment. The IQ Center can be booked by going to 25Live at

Who can use it?

Faculty, staff, and students.

How do I get it?

  • For technical support in a classroom, press the “help” button on the classroom control touch panel. A member of the Classroom Technologies staff will respond to the request for help. You can also contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library (x4357 or with questions or to request training.
  • Schedule spaces in 25Live at Please send your questions to