Tegrity Video Recording FAQ


What is Tegrity?

Tegrity is the course capture system used at W&L. It is a recording system that allows professors to record classroom content and share it with students digitally. Tegrity records the computer screen of the computer using it, audio from the classroom, and in some cases a live video feed from the classroom. ITS survey results consistently reveal that students rank Tegrity course capture as one of the top learning resources available on campus.

How do I access it?

Tegrity recordings are accessible via Sakai. Use your W&L network credentials to log in at http://sakai.wlu.edu and navigate to a course with a Tegrity link tool. Click on the link and a popup will open containing the class recordings.

If there is no Tegrity link in the course site in Sakai, contact your instructor. Availability of Tegrity recordings is determined on a case-by-case basis by the instructor.

What classrooms have Tegrity enabled?

Will Capture Room Audio + Computer Screen:

  • Early-Fielding Memorial Building 109
  • Huntley Hall 221
  • Jefferson 102
  • Leyburn Library M47
  • Northen Auditorium (Leyburn Library)
  • Parmly Hall 305, 307
  • Reid Hall 111, 211
  • Ruscio Center for Global Learning 114, 115, 203
  • Science Addition 114, A102, G16
  • Washington Hall 115
  • Wilson Hall 2010, 2017

Will Capture Room Audio + Computer Screen + Video of Professor:

  • Hillel House 101
  • Huntley Hall 220, 301
  • Natatorium Pool
  • Newcomb Hall 116, 122
  • Parmly Hall 306
  • Payne Hall 201
  • Reid Hall 215
  • Ruscio Center for Global Learning 104, 134, 214
  • Science Addition 214, G14
  • Tucker Hall 24, 114, 115
  • Wilson Hall 2018

Will Capture Document Camera Capture

  • Huntley Hall 301
  • Newcomb Hall 116, 120, 122, 304, 310
  • Ruscio Center for Global Learning 104
  • Science Addition 214, G14
  • Tucker Hall 114, 115

What if I am not in a Tegrity-enabled classroom?

Faculty may request that Tegrity be installed in any classroom on campus. Such installations are made on a term-by-term basis as resources permit. In addition, the Tegrity recorder can be installed on any computer, enabling recordings to be made for class from home or office.

How long are my Tegrity recordings retained by ITS?

Retention guidelines permit all Tegrity recordings to remain in the system for two years plus one term to enable past course recordings to be used in a current or future term. Faculty will be notified before recordings are removed, and recordings can be retained longer or stored as a video archive upon request.

How do I find additional help or support?

For all other questions and to arrange training for yourself or your department, contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library at (540) 458-4357 (HELP) or by sending an email to help@wlu.edu
In addition, you may refer to a convenient list of help topics maintained by Tegrity at http://help.tegrity.com. Topics are tailored to student or instructor constituencies.