Online Fax FAQ


What is RightFax?

Rightfax is the University's computer-based solution for faxing. All employees with W&L network accounts can send faxes through the Rightfax Web Client. Each department designates the employees who will receive computer-based faxes sent to their departmental fax number.

How do I access RightFax?

Go to . On the entry page Click the box next to "Use Windows Authentication" and then Click the "Login" button. You do not need to enter your User ID or password on this page.

What is Fax Priority when using RightFax?

Fax Priority. Specify the priority that is assigned to this fax within the queue of waiting faxes. Select from the options listed (low, normal, and high). If high priority does not appear as a choice, then it is not available to you (this is controlled by the administrator).

How do I create and send a new fax with RightFax?

  • After logging in (see above), click on the "New Fax" link to get to the Create/Edit Document page.
  • Under Primary Information all fields marked with a *red asterisk are required
  • Next to "Name," enter the name of the person or department to which you are sending the fax
  • Next to "Destination Type" use the default choice, "Fax Number," to send a fax
  • Next to "Destination," type the destination fax number.
    • For on-campus fax numbers, use four digits only.
    • For an off-campus local fax number, dial 9 then the 7 digit number. For example: 95555555.
    • For an off-campus long distance fax number, dial 9 then 1 and the number. For example: 915555555555.
    • Don't include hyphens or other non-numeric characters.
    • All other "To" fields are optional - complete as needed.
    • A cover sheet is automatically included in your fax. Type in any notes for the cover sheet in "Cover Sheet Notes".

How do I attach a file using RightFax?

  • Under Attachments
  • Click Attach File
  • You have PDF Attachment Type options
    • Text
    • Photos & Images
    • Light

How long are the faxes stored when using RightFax?

  • Faxes are only kept for 30 days on the server

Can students use RightFax?

Students (as well as faculty and staff) can go to the ITS/Library Information Desk in Leyburn Library to get help with sending or receiving faxes through RightFax.

How do I find additional help or support?

Contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library at (540) 458-4357 (HELP) or send an email with your question to