Network File Storage: Instructions for Students with Windows 10 Personal Computer


Here are instructions for connecting to H:Drive (private network file storage) on a personally owned Windows 10 computer. See also Network File Storage FAQ.

Note:In order to connect to your H:Drive from your personal computer, you must be connected to the WLU network (either through wireless, an Ethernet connection, or a VPN).

1.Open File Explorer

2. Click on This PC

3. Click on the Computer Tab

Windows Menu

4. Click on Map Network Drive

5. At the dialog box that appears:

a.Select H:for the drive

b.In the folder field type:\\mfsacad1\AcadStuHome1\YEAR\USERNAME

  • Year–should be your 4-digit class year
  • Username –should be your id
  • An example would be Jane Doe, class of 2019 1. \\mfsacad1\AcadStuHome1\2019\doej19

c. Check "reconnect at sign-in";

d. Check "Connect using different credentials";

Driver Specification

6. In the network credentials dialog box enter the following information

a. Username:ad\USERNAME

  • (USERNAME is your WLU username)

b. Password

  • (Your WLU Password)

c.Checkmark “remember my credentials” if you don’t want to have to type in your credentials every time your drive connects.