Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment Step-by-step instructions to enroll using Duo multi-factor authentication


Allow yourself 10-15 minutes to complete this process; once started, it must be completed or you'll lose access to email. If you have any questions about this process or encounter difficulties, please contact the Information Desk at 540-458-4357 or Also see the Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ.

  1. If you're planning to use your smartphone as the second factor for multi-factor authentication, download the Duo Mobile app now from the relevant store for your device.
    For iPhone or iPAD users: Duo Mobile for iOS
    For Android Users: Duo Mobile for Android

  2. Go to Access Request at:

  3. Review your personal information (see example below). If it's correct, select the check box to acknowledge the Acceptable Use Policy and then click the Submit Request button
    Duo screen shot
  4. As prompted, go to: and log in.

  5. Follow additional steps as prompted. These may include:
    1. Selecting your phone type
    2. Entering your phone number
    3. Acknowledge that you have installed the Duo Mobile app

  6. Follow the directions to Open Duo Mobile. Tap the + button in the app and then scan the barcode on your computer's screen. You may be prompted to allow the app to access your camera phone.
    Screen shot - scan bar code

  7. Click Continue when you have completed scanning the barcode.

  8. You should again be presented with an Enrollment Successful screen.
    Screen shot - success

  9. Click the Dismiss button. You may now select a method to receive push notices from Duo. We recommend selecting Automatically send this device a Duo Push. Click Save after making your selection.

  10. When accessing your W&L email you may see a message similar to below. Click the Setup button to finish setting up Duo MFA with your email account.
    screen shot - set up Duo

  11. You should now be presented with a Duo prompt verify your identity. We recommend selecting "Send Me a Push;" then check the Duo app on your phone and respond as prompted. If you check "Remember me for 14 days," you won't have to use Duo for that period of time when logging in.
    Duo - push

  12. In your email inbox, you will have a message reminding you to "Complete Your Duo Security Enrollment." You can ignore the message if you've completed all of these steps.