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Lynda boasts a plethora of video tutorials which focus primarily on technology but also include a variety of other areas. Each tutorial features a set of individual videos that are usually several minutes in length. The average series totals between 1 and 5 hours of video.

To navigate through the tutorials, you can use the searchbar at the top of the main page, click on one of the popular learning paths, or browse various areas located below the previous two options.

Course View

In addition, there is a tab called Library on the top left which you can move your mouse over to see a complete menu with every category of courses.

Library Tab

Logging in to Lynda simply requires your standard Washington and Lee credentials.

Lynda lets you create playlists of videos. This can be achieved by clicking the my playlist tab on the right of the screen and then utilizing the interface on the resulting page. To learn how to use this interface, click on the blue "Take a guided tour" link in the top right side of the page.

Playlist Screen

Lynda also provides the option to bookmark videos.You can do this by, after creating a playlist, clicking the "+" icon on videos that you are watching.To access your bookmarks, click the area in the popup bar by your username with the title "bookmarks". 

Bookmark Bar

To create a new playlist click the link on the left of the main page and enter the required information.

To access the contents of a playlist you can click in the same area following creation.

Furthermore, you can view your history by clicking on the arrow by your account name on the top right of the main page and then clicking "history" from the resulting menu.

Finally, you can earn certificates after completing tutorial series:

Certicicates View