Stereo 3D Lab Room A202

Students viewing 3d content in the IQ CenterThis exceptional modern imaging lab is the largest space in the IQ Center with space for 36 students. It is student-centered, and the design allows for various configurations of the tables so that students can collaborate in groups more easily. The room facilitates student teamwork and instructor movement between groups.

Students are able to work in small groups, displaying their data on movable displays. There are four 47 inches LG Google TV with offers LED edge backlight for high picture contrast and TruMotion 120Hz refresh rate for blur reduction. Each display has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports for any auxiliary input. 

Stereo 3D Lab, Image2

Students are also able to project their work onto the main projector screen to share with the whole class. There are two Epson Stereographic WUXGA high-resolution (3840 x 1080) projectors side by side, each ensuring amazing image quality with 4500 lumens of color brightness and 4500 lumens of white brightness. All of the monitors and projectors in this space are capable of displaying stereo 3D contents.

Students can also make use of two lecture capture cameras along with two recorders for video conferencing and recording lectures which might provide individual control over the pace of learning and ability to review intricate topics after class.Besides, there is a laptop cart with 12 HP 8770w Mobile Workstations which students can checkout any time. These are flexible, mobile, powerful computers with large screens for collaboration. They come with 17.3 inches display (1920 x 1080), quad-core i7 processors, NVIDIA Quadro K3000M video cards, 128 GB SSDs and 16GB RAM. The room is also equipped with an integrated DVD player with Blu-ray capacity and a ceiling mounted document camera.

3D being used in Stereo 3d lab

To manage the amount of tech in this room, there is a powerful central computer, The Beast, which has dual stereo 3D displays, dual eight core Xeon processors, dual NVIDIA Quadro K5000 video cards, two 256 GB SSDs and a RAID 1, 2TB array of spinning disks, 128GB RAM and 10GB NIC (first on campus).

The Stereo 3D lab is enclosed with writable glasses and walltalkers, and has a raised floor with plugs for power.

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