IQ Center Facilities

The IQ Center is a state-of-the-art collaborative teaching and learning space that fosters interdisciplinary research. The Center is located on the second floor of the Telford Science Library, and its creation was supported by a $1 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), as well as funds from the university and individual donors. Featuring the latest technology and instruments, the IQ Center is devoted to data acquisition, computation, visual imaging and innovative teaching methods. The IQ Center is divided into several spaces:

Stereo 3D Lab

This exceptional modern imaging lab is the largest space in the IQ Center with space for 36 students. It is student-centered, and the design allows for various configurations of the tables so that students can collaborate in groups more easily.

Physical/Mechanical Lab

This space is a physical and virtual sandbox for courses and research that integrate real-world components with high-speed recording capabilities. Items can also be attached to a permanent scaffolding on the ceiling, and large segmented tables allow for quick reconfiguration of the space. It will also have 3D inputs from laser scanners, and floor and ceiling video feeds.

Computer Visualization Lab

This computer lab is equipped with eight high performance workstations with dual monitors. Dual ceiling mounted projectors create a seamless wall to wall image at the front of the space. This lab can be used independently or in combination with the analytical instruments suite. A live video link connects each of the Instrument rooms allowing remote viewing of images collected.

Suite A - Sample Preparation

The sample prep room is available to anyone working in the instrumentation suites. This room contains the sample coating machines for the scanning electron microscope, as well as equipment for staining and sectioning samples for light microscopy. It contains a sink, but not a fume hood. This room is not available for reservation.

Suite D - Confocal Microscopy

This suite contains the Olympus FV1000 inverted laser scanning confocal. This Scope is outfitted with multiple laser wavelengths and a humidified temperature controlled chamber covering the stage, making in perfect for long term study of living samples.