Series 1 Pro


The Series 1 Pro is a user friendly printer that has immense capabilities. Unlike most printers that can only print small objects, the Series 1 Pro can print objects up to 1 cubic foot. This machine can print in a variety of materials including everything from PLA and PET to Nylon and carbon fiber. This wide variety of materials allows users to print highly customizable objects at a low cost.

The Series 1 Pro can also connect wirelessly to any computer with Internet connection. Each printer has a unique URL which allows the user to print from  virtually anywhere. The Series 1 Pro uses Cura for Type A Machines, an easy to use interface, to set up your object for printing. This interface comes with optimized profiles for over 40 different materials. This printer, like the Makerbot Replicator 2x, allows users to download open source models from which can then be resized and manipulated using the Cura interface. These models are printed out accurately, quickly, and cheaply making the Series 1 Pro a great addition to the IQ Center. 

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