Motion Capture System Motive Tracking System - by Optitrack

3d printed architectural model

The IQ Center houses a sophisticated motion tracking system for 3-D tracking and modeling. The OptiTrack 6 Flex 13 Camera Bundle includes 6 cameras, as well as two Optihubs that connect the cameras and the Motive: Tracker software. The Flex 13 camera has a 1.3 MP resolution, 56° field of vision, and captures at up to 120 FPS. It can process the following image types: object, segment, precision grayscale, MJPEG grayscale, and raw grayscale. The software can capture up to 2,000 markers and solves parameters (flexibility, constraints, smoothing) quickly, all while calibrating the cameras, controlling/syncing the frames and aim, and managing data. The setup allows for precise motion capture, tracking, and modeling. It is ideal for working in a 3-D environment as well as creating detailed 3-D models of captured phenomena. Applications of the setup will include modeling for physics and engineering.