High-Speed Camera Vision Research - Phantom Miro M110

High-speed cameras record fast-moving objects or events by capturing thousands of frames per second and playing the sequence back in slow-motion. Typically, film is captured at 24 frames-per-second, and consumer digital video capture ranges from 30 to 60 frames-per-second on devices like iPhones. With a drastically increased frame rate, high-speed cameras provide a level of detail over a dozen times better than either film or digital video. High-speed cameras are particularly ideal for capturing animal movements, chemical reactions, and properties of physics, providing opportunities for careful motion analysis and observations with greater clarity.

The IQ Center, recognizing that scientific studies at W&L that could greatly benefit from a high-speed camera, is home to an industry-standard model, the Phantom Miro M110. The M110 is a high-speed camera ideal for capturing events and slowing them down to 1,600 frames-per-second at a detailed 1280 x 800 resolution. With a minimum digital exposure of 2µs and built-in storage, the M110 is ready to capture thousands of images onto the user-friendly CineFlash removable storage device. After capturing the desired event, students can download the images immediately to a computer and manipulate them using the Phantom Camera Control software. The M110 provides a detailed and unparalleled perspective in any number of scenarios. The possibilities for the M110 are truly endless, and its keen eye can be utilized across all the sciences.

Phantom Miro M110 - W&L IQ Center from Mitch Olson on Vimeo.