The Real Cost of Attendance

Know the difference between PRICE and COST

The price of an education is unlike the price of other goods and services you may have purchased in the past. There's the expense for the college to provide you with quality instruction and first-rate facilities in a clean and safe environment. This is what tuition and fees are meant to cover. Let's call this the sticker price of a W&L education. Then there's financial aid, money made available by a college through its own resources or through federal and state programs to help make up the difference between the sticker price and what YOU — the highly sought-after student we want in our classrooms and in our community — can actually afford. Think of financial aid like a coupon. The difference between the sticker price and the value of your financial aid award is YOUR cost for a W&L education.

Washington and Lee uses financial aid to make sure the best and brightest students can afford to attend. When you come to W&L, you are investing in the university and the university is investing in you. W&L is eager to help you afford college because your experience shapes and enhances the experiences of your classmates, creating a better educational experience for all students. 

55%percentage of first-year students receiving financial aid
$49,500average institutional award
100%of need met

Below you'll find a breakdown of the price of a year at Washington and Lee. Remember, this reflects the expense to the college to provide you with one of the finest liberal arts educations in the country. Your cost will be individual to you and your family's financial means.

2018-2019 Cost of Attendance

2019 - 2020

Tuition $53,730 $49,075
Activity Fees $530 $530
Technology Fees $320 $320
Health Services Fee $250 $250
Student Bar Assn. Fee $215
Room** $7,820
Board* $7,025
Books/Supplies $2,010 $3,000
Personal/Misc $2,215
Law Living Expenses, Estimated $15,125
Law Loan Fees, Estimated $2,000
Standard Cost of Attendance*** $73,900 $70,515


Fall TermWinter Term
Billing Dates July 15, 2019 November 15, 2019
Due Dates August 10, 2019 December 10, 2019

*For dining options available to upper class undergraduate and law, see Dining Services.  Board costs for law students are included above in the Law Living Expenses, Estimated figure.

**Rooming cost for law students are included in the Law Living Expenses, Estimated figure.

***The average cost for all necessary expenses mentioned above does not include health insurance, travel costs, or fraternity/sorority membership. Fraternity / sorority charges for first-years in 2018-2019 averaged $1,330 for men and $610 for women. Fraternity / sorority charges for upper-division students averaged $4,765 for men, $1,250 for women, with room and board charges adding approximately $3,420 to 10,485 for men and $3,250 to 13,925 for women. Board plans for Live-Out Sorority members was $3,250 for the year.