Types of Aid

There are lots of industry terms thrown around when it comes to financial aid. Let's make it simple to define and discuss these terms, because the subtle differences between, say, a loan and a grant can make a huge difference in your assessment of the value of your financial aid package.

Scholarshipfree money awarded on the basis of merit
Grantfree money given on the basis of need
Loanmoney that has to be repaid
Work Studymoney you earn working on campus

W&L meets 100% of a family's institutionally determined need — through scholarships, grants and student employment — and without loans.

A Quick Q&A

How many scholarships does W&L offer? What do they cover? And how are they awarded?

W&L awards 44 Johnson Scholarships (our highest level of scholarship) per year. This amounts to about 10% of the incoming first year class. The scholarship covers, at a minimum, the fees for tuition, room and board. Johnson Scholarships are competitive and require a supplemental application.

W&L offers other scholarships based on a variety of personal and merit-based attributes. These scholarships are available to students ONLY through completion of a Johnson Scholarship application.

How are University need-based grants awarded?

Eligibility for the W&L University grant is based on an assessment of a family's income and assets. In 2018, W&L awarded need-based grants to 50% of incoming students, with an average grant amount of $43,654. Remember, this is money awarded by W&L to qualified students entirely debt free. It is not a loan.

Students and families seeking consideration for University grant MUST submit a complete need-based application including the CSS Profile, federal tax returns and the FAFSA.

How does W&L factor loans into financial aid packages?

W&L does NOT offer loans to meet any part of a family's demonstrated need. Federal loan eligibility for the student and parent is offered only as an option to cover the family's contribution. For students who submit a complete need-based application, W&L will meet 100% of demonstrated financial need through the use of scholarships, grants and student employment.

Is Work-Study an option for students at W&L?

W&L has a comprehensive campus employment program available to any student who is currently receiving some form of financial assistance. Students who are awarded work study may request positions in academic, administrative or athletic offices or off-campus with community service organizations.

Does W&L partner with other scholarship programs?

W&L partners with the Questbridge Program, which endeavors to make the nation's top colleges affordable for low-income students. Questbridge has connected students with over $2 billion in university awards and made it possible for more than 40,000 students to attend colleges like Washington and Lee.

What kinds of aid does W&L offer?

W&L offers scholarships, grants, work study, federal grants, veterans - the works! You can discover just how affordable W&L can be at the button below.

Types of Aid

262number of first year students receiving scholarships and/or grant
615number of students who participate in the Work-Study program