A Value Proposition

Most of the time, recognizing a good value is an easy thing to do. We comparison shop. We do simple calculations. We know that apples for sale for 99¢ per pound are a better price than apples that sell for $1.09 per pound. We also know there are subtle distinctions between apples, and that one may prefer the more expensive Gala over a lower-priced Red Delicious. Or that the Granny Smiths are better for baking than either. So we factor in personal preference and suitability for our use. And as the stakes go up — when the items we purchase cost more and have a more lasting impact— additional complicating factors set in. When it comes to something as big and important as a college education, weighing the many elements of value can be a daunting task.

Ultimately, you will determine which college provides the most bang for your buck. But here are a few factors to consider and how W&L might address your needs.

Academic Excellence

37 | 21 | 1200+majors | minors | courses
8:1student:faculty ratio

First things first, can you study what you want at W&L? We say, without hesitation, "Yes."

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Student Retention

97%first-year retention rate
90%four-year graduation rate

Will you graduate "on time?" The overwhelming majority of W&L students graduate in four years. Why is that significant? That's four years of expenses, as opposed to five or six.

Are you likely to return for your sophomore year? Again, yes. And again, this is important because it keeps you on track for graduating in four years, without having to worry about transfer credits or re-applying and going through the financial aid process a second time.

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Graduate Outcomes

97%of the class of 2015 is employed or attending graduate school
95%acceptance rate to law school after graduation
92%acceptance to med school after graduation

Can you do what you want to do after graduation? Yep. Our graduates are ready to hit the workforce in meaningful ways. Our graduates are widely recognized as free thinkers, with solid critical thinking skills, an ability to write and speak clearly and a sense of integrity and civility that makes them an asset to any team. With the tremendous support of our alumni career mentors, internship sponsors and job recruiters, getting your foot in the door is an email or phone call away.

When it comes to graduate school, go. You'll be ready and wanted.

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Student Opportunities

57.3%students who study abroad
24 | 100+sports | clubs
memorable experiences

Will you meet lifelong friends? Will you learn the life-skills to head out on your own? Will you be able to experience the world? Will you have fun? That's the word around town according to 1,800 fellow students and 25,000+ alumni. Our campus community is participatory. Athletics and academics play nicely together. The performing arts are open to everyone regardless of major or future vocation. Don't just spectate. Participate.

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100%The W&L Promise

Can you afford it? We meet 100% of demonstrated financial need through the use of scholarships, grants and student employment.

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