Liberal Arts for the 21st Century

We've all heard about "liberal arts education" — but what does it mean for you and your future? At W&L we believe that the key to our graduates' success lies not in any specific major, but in the unique blend of liberal arts, interdisciplinary and preprofessional coursework that teaches them to think critically, write persuasively, understand complexity and solve real problems.

Philosophy? Check. East Asian Languages? Got those. Business administration and engineering? We offer those too. Along with politics, poverty studies, mathematics, journalism, biochemistry, sociology and a whole lot of other majors, minors and programs that will keep you intellectually engaged throughout your four years here, not to mention the rest of your life.

The path to success at Washington and Lee is not a straight line. It's a fascinating, winding path that will expose you to ideas and interests that you never knew you had, and careers you might not have yet considered. And you'll be a stronger student, professional and global citizen as a result.

Still not convinced? Don't just take it from us: