Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you get registered as a participant in the Evolve Wellness program so you can log onto your personal wellness portal and get started!

Create Your Account

To begin, you need to create your account. Follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Go to www.bebetterhealth.net
  2. Click the "account setup" link
  3. Your Organization ID is 2130
  4. Your Member ID is your employee ID number or spouse ID. You may also contact Anne Remington, in Human Resources, for your member number.
  5. Enter your first name, last name and date of birth
  6. Create your own username
  7. Create your own password. (It must be at least 6 characters with 1 letter and 1 number)
  8. Select a security question and enter your answer
    TIP: Please remember your security question answer and email address! If you ever forget your username or password, you can use your secret question and answer to retrieve your username or reset your password. To do this, you must know the answer to your security question and your email address - so be sure you enter them carefully when you create your account!
  9. Enter your email address - please make sure it's an active email address that you can readily access.
    TIP: Having an email address is required to create your account. If you don't have an email address, you can create one through Google, Yahoo!, or another provider of your choice. To create a new personal email address for free, go to:
    gmail.google.com - click the "Create An Account" button near the top right and follow the onscreen instructions, or
    www.yahoo.com - click the "Sign Up" link near the top right and follow the onscreen instructions