Program Overview


Wellness Goals

  • Employees have a year, starting in June, to meet goals. Accomplishing goals is easy if you start early.
  • The deadline to earn points for the premium discount and prize drawings is June 10, 2017.
  • Point goal is 2250 for each individual. See the My Rewards page for more information.
  • New employees: We want you to enjoy the benefits of wellness, and the insurance premium discount, too! If you started after January 1, you and your spouses or partners have lower point goals for this year only. Employees who start between January 1 and February 28 have a goal of 2125 points. Employees who start on March 1 or after have a goal of 2000 points.

Step #1: Participate in a Biometric Health Screening.

  • If you completed a screening for Evolve Wellness last year (June 2015 - June 2016), your screening is optional this year.
  • These free health screenings measure body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.
  • These are very important numbers that everyone should know. When people become healthier and more fit, these numbers improve. This information is a good benchmark of your overall health.
  • Deadline to submit biometric health screening data to Evolve Wellness is May 13, 2017.
  • If you missed the on-site screenings, you have several options to complete your screening:
    • Physician Form - In order for this information to be accepted, both employee and physician will need to sign the form.
    • Have the screening done at Solstas Lab (204 E Washington Street, M-F 8:00am-4:30pm). You'll also need to report your height/weight, waist circumference, and blood pressure when you complete the Health Survey (Free BP machines at CVS, Kroger, Wal-Mart pharmacies).
    • You can complete your biometric screening in the comfort of your home by completing a Home Test Kit.  To order a kit, contact Wellness Corporate Solutions at 1-877-469-5411 and select option 2 for Customer Care. Please inform the Customer Care Team you are ordering an At-Home-Kit and provide the following information: WLU, Name, Home Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Step #2: Take a Health Risk Assessment Survey.

After completing your Biometric Health Screening you can take the Health Survey (also known as a Health Risk Assessment or HRA). To take your Health Survey, click on the Take Health Survey tab on the Evolve Wellness website. The survey will ask about your current level of exercise, eating habits, weight goals, and smoking status. At the completion of the survey, you will receive a report that summarizes your results.

Your biometric health screening and health risk assessment survey are confidential. W&L will not have access to your individual answers.

Step #3: Engage in your wellness and earn additional wellness points.

Washington and Lee University offers various wellness related programs, such as on-campus seminars, health coaching and wellness challenges. These programs are geared to help you achieve your wellness goals and stay on track with healthy lifestyle choices. See the My Programs and My Rewards tabs on the Evolve Wellness website,, for further details.

  • Login to Evolve Wellness often to track your progress and check the homepage to learn about new programs that will be offered throughout the year.
  • You can login through the Live Well website at Click on the green box.

If you have any questions regarding creating an online account, please contact the Evolve Wellness Help Desk at 866-900-5325, ext. 3507 or The help desk hours are from 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. ET Monday-Friday. Questions about W&L's wellness program can be directed to Samantha Benischek, Evolve Wellness Account Manager (866-900-5325 x3506), or Anne Remington (x8355), Work-Life Coordinator.

If you think you might be unable to meet the standard for a reward under this wellness program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact the Evolve Wellness Manager, at 866-900-5325 x3506, and we will work with you (and, if you wish, with your doctor) to find a wellness program with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status.