Evolve Wellness Program

There are many options to choose from in order to earn your minimum point goal of 2250. Descriptions of each activity, challenge and program will be listed on the My Programs page of the Evolve Wellness website.


For technical assistance Evolve Wellness website, contact the Evolve Wellness Help Desk at 866-900-5325, ext. 3507 or support@bebetter.net. The help desk hours are from 9:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. ET Monday-Friday.

Questions about W&L's wellness program can be directed to Samantha Benischek, Evolve Wellness Account Manager (866-900-5325 x3506, Samantha.benischek@bebetter.net), or Anne Remington, Work-Life Coordinator (x8355, aremington@wlu.edu).

 Helpful hints to ensure your success:

  • Begin early! Don't wait until the last few months of the year to earn points.
  • Log on frequently to view your progress and to check the homepage for updates.
  • Get your biometric screening done by October, if possible.
  • Take the Health Survey as soon as your biometric data is loaded in order maximize your point options.
  • Consider the Health Coaching Program if you would like to focus on a specific wellness goal.
  • Pay attention to deadlines for programs and challenges. Check these locations for up-to-date information: Faculty/Staff Dashboard, HR Newsletter, Campus Notices, Live Well website, and the Evolve Wellness website. 



Wellness Updates

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Give up Your Vice – Wellness Challenge

          ARE YOU READY TO GIVE UP A BAD HABIT? Whether you want to quit smoking, reduce snacking, stop going to bed late, or spend less time on Facebook, this program will help you kick the habit and kick it for good! Over the next six weeks, the Give Up Your Vice program will provide you with tips, tricks, and the support needed to help you make a positive lifestyle change. DETAILS: Program Dates: 01/16 – 02/24 Registration: Now – 01/20 Total Point Value: 25 Weekly Requirements: Each week, go to the program page and track how many days have you kicked your bad habit. Also select which upcoming days you plan to kick the habit next. You must kick your bad habit at least 12 times total and log them by the last day of the program. Points will be awarded shortly thereafter. Registration deadline is 01/20!         Save

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Call a Health Coach For Help With Your New Year’s Resolution

Want to get a jump on healthy resolutions for the new year but not sure where to start? Health coaches can work with you to help you take your health to the next level whether its diet or exercise tips or simply helping to keep you motivated. Coaches can also help you better understand your health screening numbers and what you can do to improve them. Call a Health Coach by January 31st for 50 points. You can also participate in a health coaching program and focus on one personal wellness goal for 125 additional points (175 total points). Coaches are available Monday through Saturday at 1-866-427-8585. Calls last approximately 15 minutes. Be sure that you have completed the biometric screening and health survey one week prior to your call. For more information on health coaching, visit the My Programs page of Evolve Wellness at https://www.bebetterhealth.net/My%20Programs/MyPrograms.aspx. Save

Thursday, January 05, 2017

New Weight Watchers 12-week series begins January 10th!

    Join us and learn how you can lose weight without sacrificing the foods you love and change your relationship with food! Why choose Weight Watchers? Personalized food and fitness tracking Convenience and flexibility of attending meeting in the workplace Suite of digital and mobile tools to stay on track Guidance from a trained Meeting Leader who has been successful on the program Benefits eligible employees, spouses and partners are eligible for a 50% subsidy paid by the University. In addition, sign up in January and get an extra 15% off! With the subsidy, and the discount, the cost of 12 weeks is only $66.30 for in-person meetings and support, weekly weigh-ins, online e-tools and Weight Watchers apps. Contact Anne Remington for more information or to request a registration form.   Save

Monday, January 02, 2017

Group Fitness Discount for Employees

Washington and Lee offers several opportunities for faculty and staff to get out and be active. From free fitness center memberships for employees and their families, the outing club equipment barn and group fitness classes, there are opportunities for everyone regardless of current fitness level or area of interest. Employees who would like to jump start their fitness in the New Year can now receive a reduced fee for the cost of group fitness classes. The cost of annual membership that runs until July is $100 (50% covered by Human Resources). Employees can now buy unlimited access to group fitness starting now, through June, for a reduced rate of $35! The winter/spring fitness schedule and a registration link will be posted on the Campus Recreation website.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Wellness Wednesday Lunch on December 7th

The next Wellness Wednesday lunch is on December 7th. Join us for a delicious and nutritious Marketplace meal meant to inspire your inner healthy chef. Wellness Wednesday is offered by Live Well W&L, Dining Services and the Office of Health Promotion. The December Wellness Wednesday menu includes: Grilled tuna sandwich with chili – mayo Vinegar slaw Roasted asparagus   Wellness Wednesday meals are offered to all employees at the limited lunch price of $6.77. Lunch will be served from 11:00am-2:00pm.  This event is worth 5 points as a Community Event in Evolve Wellness (20 point max for Community Events). Save

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

W&L Fitness Resources for Employees

W&L has many fitness resources available on campus that you can choose from. Benefits eligible employees and spouses/partners can participate in the Wellness Program, which has benefits including prizes and an insurance premium discount of $50-$75 per month. Find more info here: https://www.wlu.edu/human-resources/wellness There is also the Fitness Center, which is open every day and is free to faculty, staff and spouses. The hours of operation are found here: http://www2.wlu.edu/x31544.xml. Group exercise classes cost only $50 per year for employees. Spouses and family can join, too. Find more information here: http://www.generalssports.com/information/Campus_Recreation/Group_Exercise/Fee_structure. If you prefer more outdoorsy exercise, there is the Woods Creek trail on back campus, near VMI, that takes you all the way to Jordan's Point.     Save

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Weight Watchers Open House and Special Discounts Offered Through December 6

    Weight Watchers Open House November 29th Weight Watchers will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, November 29th, in Elrod Commons 214 at 12:00 PM. Come learn how you can lose weight without sacrificing the foods you love and change your relationship with food! Why choose Weight Watchers? Flexibility that fits your life: Personalized food and fitness tracking Convenience and flexibility of attending meeting in the workplace Suite of digital and mobile tools to stay on track Guidance from a trained Meeting Leader who has been successful on the program Membership is subsidized at 50% through Human Resources. Register by December 6th and receive an additional 15% off. Contact Anne Remington (aremington@wlu.edu, x8355) for more information or visit the W&L Weight Watchers website.   Save Save

Friday, November 18, 2016

Diabetes Awareness Month: signs you might have diabetes

    10 Silent Signs You Might Have Diabetes New studies show a shocking 25 percent of people with type 2 diabetes don’t even know it. If you experience some of these subtle signs and symptoms, talk to your doctor about getting tested. “It’s not like you wake up one day and all of a sudden you’re thirsty, hungry, and [going to the bathroom] all the time,” says Melissa Joy Dobbins, RD, a certified diabetes educator in Illinois and a spokesperson for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. “It picks up gradually.” Indeed, “most people are unaware that they have diabetes in its early or even middle phases,” says Aaron Cypess, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and staff physician at Joslin Diabetes Center. Just because you’re not keyed in doesn’t mean you’re immune from problems associated with diabetes, he adds. The longer you go without controlling diabetes, the greater your risk for heart disease, kidney disease, amputation, blindness, and other serious complications. “We recommend that people with risk factors for diabetes, such as a family history or being overweight, get evaluated on a regular basis,” Dr. Cypess says. If you’ve been feeling off, talk to your doctor about getting a simple blood test that can diagnose the disease. And pay attention to these subtle diabetes signs and symptoms: You’re taking more bathroom breaks You’re thirstier than usual You feel shaky and hungry You’re tired all the time Your cuts and scrapes heal more slowly For more symptoms and more information, read more here. http://www.rd.com/health/conditions/signs-diabetes/ From Weight Watchers Newsletter     Save