George & Bob Bucks

Human Resources, Dining Services and the University Store have introduced a new program to encourage recognition and appreciation among coworkers. Based on a campus wide survey and feedback from the Employee Advisory Committees we decided to institute this new peer to peer recognition program. Additionally, research on employee engagement and job satisfaction indicates the importance of peer to peer recognition. "Many studies have shown that social connections with coworkers are a strong predictor - some would say the single predictor - of job satisfaction," said Robert D. Putnam, author of "Bowling Alone."

Enter George & Bob bucks! Each employee received a book of ten George and Bob bucks they can give to coworkers across the University for excellent customer service, collaboration, or going the extra mile. Recipients of George and Bob bucks can use them at the University Store or at any of the campus dining locations. We hope you will use your George and Bob bucks to show appreciation to all the members of the University community who come together to accomplish the University's mission. So next time ITS saves your computer from hard drive failure or facilities management shows up with a smile to set up your event, they might deserve a George and Bob buck or two in addition to your sincere thanks.