Recording Goals in the PDP System

Logging In:

Adding Goals:

  • Click on "Open My (Year) Performance Review"
  • From the Summary screen, click on "Create New Goals". This takes you to the Beginning of Year screen to record your goals.
  • From the Beginning of Year screen:
    • Review your competencies and clarify with a your manager if needed.
    • Click on Add a New Goal
  • Type your goal in the text box. Select a level of importance for the goal. Click "Add Goal" to save the text.
  • Click "Add a New Goal" to add another goal. Repeat this process until you have created all of your goals. There is a minimum of three goals required and a maximum of five goals allowed.

Editing Goals:

  • To make a change to a goal or importance, click on "Edit" to access the text.
  • Make edits and click "Update" to save any changes.

Submitting Goals:

  • When you have recorded all of your goals, click "Submit My Goals to My Supervisor." Your supervisor will receive an email notification that your goals have been submitted for review.
  • The Summary page shows the electronic submission of the beginning of year goals to the Supervisor. From this screen, you can view your goals as submitted to your Supervisor.