Performance and Compensation


The Washington and Lee University Compensation Program is designed to attract, retain and reward a highly qualified and diverse workforce. We do so by offering a combination of rewards beginning with competitive, market-based pay opportunities supported by other rewards such as a positive work environment, generous benefits, and career development, growth and recognition opportunities. This rewards package helps differentiate the University from other employers. The Compensation Program is closely tied to the Performance Development Program, aligning pay with performance.



 At Washington and Lee, we believe that performance development should be a continuous cycle of measurement, feedback and development designed to result in the highest levels of excellence and to recognize, develop and reward top performers.

Our Performance Development Program is designed to be:

  • Focused on goals achieved and values and competencies demonstrated on the job
  • Development focused
  • Performance based
  • A partnership between the employee and supervisor
  • Objective
  • Transparent
  • Consistent

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Providing clear performance standards for all employees to follow to enhance performance
  • Providing employees with constructive, objective, and respectful feedback
  • Aligning the employee's goals with the department's, division's and University's goals
  • Identifying training needs. (We will also use the personal development form to identify training needs and to identify those employees who want or are ready for promotions or new assignments.)
  • Conducting an annual performance review based on goals, values and competencies.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Working with supervisors to create goals and assess individual performance
  • Working with supervisors to identify career paths and training needed to develop skills or competencies

The Annual Performance Development Plan is designed for the particular Career Stage that corresponds to the employee's role at the University and is completed by all non-faculty employees. The form varies somewhat by Career Stage to focus on the competencies that are relevant to that group.

Employees complete the annual process online and access the individual performance development plan (PDP) at

Pay Policies and Procedures

Learn more about our pay policies and procedures for exempt and non-exempt employees, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, direct deposit, holiday and overtime pay, compensatory time and payroll deduction.