Employment Information and Required Forms for First Year Students

If you are planning to work for Washington and Lee in a work-study or any other student position, follow the instructions below for completion of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I9) AND complete and return the four employment forms listed below.  All of this must be complete before you begin working, and students have found it beneficial to complete these over the summer with the assistance of their parents.

Employment Eligibility Form

By mid-June you will receive an email from reportdelivery@truescreen.com to complete your Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I9).  This form, required by the Department of Homeland Security, must be completed online and you must present original forms of work authorization and identity to an authorized field site agent. Follow all of the steps provided in the email your receive. If you are unable to locate an authorized field site agent in your area, contact Brittani Clark, baclark@wlu.edu, 540-458-8920, for guidance.

As you are working on the process above you must also complete and return these forms:

Notes: On form W-4 if you determine you are exempt from federal tax withholding (line 7) then you should not write anything on line 5 (not even a zero).  Often times, individuals write "0" on line 5 and "exempt" on line 7 and you should complete one or the other not both.  We often see a similar error on form VA-4.  You should be completing line 3 (by checking the box if you are exempt) or line 1c but not both.  Even if you are not from Virginia you need to complete this form.

Returning These Forms

Return to Human Resources by fax (540-458-8060) or mail to the address below. Please include a daytime phone number where we can reach you if we have questions about the forms.

Office of Human Resources
204 W. Washington St.
Lexington, VA 24450

Again, because this process and these forms must be complete before you can begin working we advise you take care of this over the summer.

For questions related to employment forms contact:
Brittani Clark, Administrative Assistant II, baclark@wlu.edu, 540-458-8920
Office of Human Resources, humanresources@wlu.edu, 540-458-8920
Office of Human Resources fax phone number:  540-458-8060