Background Checks

Washington and Lee University seeks to provide a safe and productive environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. To accomplish this goal, the University reserves the right to perform background checks for all positions. The background checks may include but not be limited to such reviews as criminal history, credit checks, degree and employment verification, and motor-vehicle-license checks.

Motor-vehicle-license checks will be conducted on candidates applying for positions that entail the use of University vehicles or require a valid driver's license. Additional motor-vehicle-license checks may be performed throughout employment. For positions that require operation of a motor vehicle, checks on convictions shall include misdemeanor traffic violations. If a driving record indicates negligent driving, driving while impaired, loss of license and/or a pattern of repeated violations, this may be deemed an indication of poor judgment or lack of behavioral control. No offer will be made to a candidate with repeated offenses. Employees whose positions require driving on University business are required to maintain an unrestricted, valid driver's license and insurance coverage as long as they are in the position necessitating this requirement. Employees must promptly report any changes in restrictions on their license or in insurance coverage to their supervisor and to the Office of Human Resources.

Credit checks will be conducted on new hires into positions responsible for the control of University funds. Some examples of positions that would normally be subject to credit checks include the associate treasurer/controller, the payroll manager, the co-directors and managers of the university store, head cashiers, the director of financial aid, etc. The Executive Director of Human Resources and the Vice President for Finance and Administration will determine when credit checks are deemed appropriate to protect the interests of the University.

Prior to taking any adverse employment action based on information contained in a credit history record check report obtained from a consumer reporting agency, Human Resources will provide the employee or candidate a copy of the report and a notice summarizing the individual's rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The employee or candidate will also be given information on the credit reporting agency providing the report and a reasonable opportunity to submit information to Human Resources disputing the accuracy or completeness of the report before a final decision is made and communicated.

All background checks performed by outside agencies will conform to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The University will conduct and utilize these background checks as they relate to the fitness for duty for a particular position, in accordance with law. A relevant job-related conviction is grounds for termination of employment or non-selection of an applicant. Falsification of application materials, including failure to disclose misdemeanor or felony convictions as required during the hiring process or during employment, is grounds for termination of employment or non-selection of a candidate. Background checks are administered by the Office of Human Resources.