Sick Leave Reserve

A sick leave reserve (SLR) is established for each staff or administrative employee. New hires receive a one-time allotment of 5 days in SLR. Employees can transfer additional time from their Combined Time Off (CTO) into their SLR at any point during the year. SLR time, however, cannot be converted back into CTO. SLR can be used in the event that the employee has a legitimate illness, injury of physically disabling condition, or to care for an ill member of his/her immediate family. Immediate family includes spouse or domestic partner, parents, grandparents, stepparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, brothers/sisters-in-law, sons/daughters-in-law, and father/mother-in-law.

SLR can also be used to cover the first 10 working days of an employee's absence due to a serious illness or injury. After the first 10 working days, the employee will be covered by the University's extended sick leave plan through six calendar months. Employees are encouraged to keep enough days in their SLR (or CTO) to cover at least the first 10 working days of any extended illness or injury. The number of days in the sick leave reserve is capped at 60 days to cover the 12 weeks allotted for family and medical leave in circumstances when the University's extended sick leave policy does not apply.

SLR Benefits for Part-Time Benefit Eligible Employees

Part-time benefit-eligible employees do not receive an SLR bank. They receive 30 hours of CTO upon employment and each anniversary date thereafter.