Combined Time Off

In an effort to provide flexibility to employees for the use of time off, Washington and Lee University created combined time off (CTO). CTO can be used for the following types of absences:

  • Vacation;
  • Personal illness and doctor's appointments; and/or
  • Other personal reasons, including caring for members of the immediate family who are seriously ill and require care at home, or for children's doctors' appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of working hours.

In a CTO system, it is not necessary to distinguish how the time is being used. Departments establish practices for providing notice of absences from work and for scheduling time away. Some departments whose workload is directly dependent on students being on campus take their time off when students are not in residence. Other departments schedule time off by mutual arrangement based upon the person's need and the department's workload. Normally employees will not be permitted to carry a negative balance. If there are extenuating circumstances, a written request for an exception maybe submitted to the Executive Director of Human Resources. The request should include a plan for replenishing the CTO balance.

CTO does not accrue during unpaid leaves or once an employee has reached his maximum accrual limit.

CTO for full-time employees accrues based on seniority in accordance with the following schedule:

Years of Full-Time Service Combined Time Off Maximum Accrual
0-2 years 20 days/year 30 days
3-5 years 25 days/year 37.5 days
6+ years and all exempt staff 30 days/year 45 days

The applicable CTO accrual is credited to your account each payday and is prorated for employees who hold positions that are approved for less than 12 months. When using CTO, non-exempt employees record hours used. Exempt employees should report CTO taken in half or full day increments in order to preserve exempt status.

In the CTO program, individual absences for an employee's illness and doctor's appointments would come out of CTO or Sick Leave Reserve, however, in most cases, long term illnesses are covered by the University's extended sick leave program. Employees accrue time on a pay period basis.

CTO Benefits for Part-Time Benefit Eligible Employees

Part-time benefit eligible employees receive 30 hours of CTO upon employment and each anniversary date thereafter. The maximum accrual is 45 days.