Combined Time Off

Combined Time Off (CTO) can be used for vacation, personal illness, doctor's appointments, and other personal reasons, including care of immediate family who are seriously ill and require care at home, and for children's doctors' appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of working hours.

Departments establish practices for providing notice of absences from work and for scheduling time away. Some departments whose workload is directly dependent on students being on campus take their time off when students are not in residence. Other departments schedule time off by mutual arrangement based upon the person's need and the department's workload.

  • Employees accrue CTO each payday per the accrual rate charts available at the link  below.  CTO does not accrue during unpaid leaves or once you reach maximum accrual.   
  • Employees (exempt and non-exempt) who work less than 12 months or have a pro-rated weekly schedule receive the appropriate accrual based on the months/hours scheduled to work; and CTO can only be used during the months in which you are scheduled.
  • When using CTO, non-exempt employees record hours used. Exempt employees should report CTO in half or full day increments to preserve exempt status.
  • Employees who do not have enough accrued time in their CTO bank to cover time off will need to record time off as unpaid. If there are extenuating circumstances, a written request for an exception and plans for replenishing the CTO bank may be submitted to the Executive Director of Human Resources.
  • Upon termination of employment staff and administrators will be paid for  accrued, unused CTO (up to the maximum accrual) as of his/her last day of active employment provided CTO has been appropriately recorded and the university can accurately determine the balance.
  • Remind your supervisor to show you how to access Web Advisor to record time worked and time off.  You can review what you've recorded and check your balance at

Click here to review CTO accrual rates for your position.