Other Leaves

Bereavement Leave

Paid leave upon the death of an immediate family member is arranged with the supervisor. For purposes of this leave, immediate family includes, spouse, domestic partner, child, father, mother, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents and stepparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters in law, and sons and daughters in law. Requests for paid leave at the time of a death of a person outside the immediate family are considered on an individual basis.

Jury Duty

The University recognizes employees' civic responsibility to serve on juries and continues an employee's compensation while he/she is performing this duty. There is no deduction for compensation received from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Court Testimony

Time off to testify in court will be charged to CTO unless the employee requests unpaid leave or makes up the time during the same work week. If an employee is testifying on behalf of the University, that time will count as paid time.

Military Leave

The University is committed to supporting its employees' fulfillment of their annual, several-week military training/reserve obligation, as well as those called to active-duty military service.

The University will pay the difference between the employee's regular base salary and base military pay for training and/or active duty. Alternatively, the employee may choose to use CTO for the training and receive full pay from W&L in addition to the military pay.

If an employee is called to active-duty military service, the University will afford all reemployment rights, compensation and benefits provided for by the Uniformed Services Employment and Rights Act of 1994 and other applicable federal or state law. For specific information, contact the executive director of Human Resources.

Other Unpaid Leaves of Absence

Requests for other unpaid personal leave should be directed to the employee's supervisor. The dean or vice president and the executive director of Human Resources must review requests for such leave. In reviewing the employee's request, criteria such as departmental need and workload, seniority, overall work record, and the specific nature of the request are among the factors considered.

Normally all University paid benefits are suspended after the first 30 days of an unpaid leave of absence. Continuation of benefits should be discussed with Human Resources prior to requesting unpaid leave. When a leave of absence ends, every reasonable effort will be made to return the employee to the same position, if it is available, or to a similar available position for which the employee is qualified. W&L cannot guarantee reinstatement in all cases. If an employee fails to return to work promptly at the expiration of the approved leave period, s/he will be deemed to have resigned.