• Liberty Mutual Insurance - Liberty Mutual offers insurance benefits tailored to the needs of educators. You could benefit from a waived deductible for covered vehicle losses occurring on school property or while conducting school business. You could also get up to $2,500 coverage for education materials or school property stolen or damaged while in your vehicle. And there's more. Washington and Lee University employees could receive exclusive savings on our quality auto and home insurance.
  • Rockingham Insurance - 6% discount on automobile insurance. Contact Bruce Gardner at 540-463-6702 for details.

Mobile Phones

  • Verizon - Visit discount program webpage to receive monthly discount.  Offered to employees only.
  • AT&T - Visit discount webpage and submit email address to enroll in AT&T Signature Discount Program.
  • SprintVisit discount program webpage to learn more about Sprint discount programs.
  • T-Mobile - Visit discount program webpage to receive monthly discount.