HR Staff

Executive Director

Main, Mary

Mary Main
Executive Director of Human Resources
2 S Main Room 109

HR strategy and governance, total reward strategy, department management, policy and procedures, employee relations and HR consulting


Austin, Kim

Kim Austin
Associate Director for Operations
2 S Main Room 105

Day-to-day office management, payroll administration, operating procedures, day-to-day benefits administration, employee relations and HRconsulting, open enrollment coordination.

Clark, Brittani

Brittani Clark
Administrative Assistant
2 S Main Room 106

Provides administrative support to facilitate the work of the Human Resources department.

Remington, Anne

Anne Remington
Work/Life Coordinator
2 S Main Room 102

Childcare, eldercare, wellness, employee recognition, HR Events, employee relations and HR consulting

Scott, Wanda

Wanda Scott
Senior Recruitment and Technology Coordinator
2 S Main Room 103

Sourcing, screening and hiring, applicant module coordination, HRIS oversight, data integrity

Stoner, Deborah

Deborah Stoner
Assistant Director for Leaves and Retirement Benefits
2 S Main Room B04

Retiree counseling, FMLA leaves

Vess, Suzannah

Suzannah Vess
Senior HRIS Assistant
2 S Main Room B03

Data entry, online benefit enrollments, basic reporting, reception back-up

Williams, Jodi

Jodi Williams
Manager, Compensation Programs
2 S Main Room 108

Classification system administration, compensation program analytics, benefit budgeting

Wright, Sherry

Sherry Wright
Associate Director for Workforce Development
2 S Main Room 101

Performance management, career development, training and development, leadership development, employee relations and HR consulting