HR Staff

Executive Director

Main, Mary

Mary Main
Executive Director of Human Resources
2 S Main Room 109

HR strategy and governance, total reward strategy, department management, policy and procedures, employee relations and HR consulting


Austin, Kim

Kim Austin
Associate Director for Operations
2 S Main Room 105

Benefits and Payroll Administration, 403(b) Retirement Plan administration, HR office management, and employee relations and HR consulting

Bowers, Sarah

Sarah Bowers
Compensation and Recruitment Analyst
2 S Main B05A

Non-exempt compensation, job evaluations, job descriptions, compensation and benefits surveys, and benefit enrollment

Clark, Brittani

Brittani Clark
Administrative Assistant
2 S Main Room 106

Administrative support to facilitate the work of the Human Resources department.

Gray, Sierra

Sierra Gray
Assistant Director for Talent Recruitment
Human Resources

Remington, Anne

Anne Remington
Work/Life Coordinator
2 S Main Room 102

Wellness, childcare, eldercare, employee relations, and HR consulting and hiring, applicant module coordination, HRIS oversight, data integrity

Stoner, Deborah

Deborah McKemy Stoner
Assistant Director for Leaves and Retiree Benefits
2 S Main Room B04

Retiree counseling, FMLA leaves

Vess, Suzannah

Suzannah Vess
Senior HRIS Assistant
2 S Main Room B03

Data entry, integrity and retrieval for reporting; and computer purchase program

Wright, Sherry

Sherry Wright
Associate Director for Workforce Development
2 S Main Room 101

Performance management, career development, training and development, leadership development, employee relations and HR consulting