Academic Integrity

In accordance with the Washington and Lee Honor System, academic integrity is a high priority that the History Department strives to uphold by educating students the importance of citation and the proper way cite their sources. The Executive Committee has a pamphlet on plagiarism and its relation to the honor system as well as examples. 

The Executive Committee's Pamphlet on Plagiarism (including examples)

In addition, here are two more resources that students can refer to as they learn proper citation styles throughout their studies.

Leyburn Library's Plagiarism and Citation Styles site

The Library has excellent information about plagiarism as well as information about different styles of citations that students may have to use throughout their time at Washington and Lee.

The American Historical Association's Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

The American Historical Association also has a guide dedicated to understanding and recognizing plagiarism as well as exercises that can be completed to ensure comprehension.