Michelle D. Brock Associate Professor of History

Michelle D. Brock

Newcomb 316
Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D.  The University of Texas at Austin, 2012    
M.A.   The University of Texas at Austin, 2008
B.A.    The University of Kansas, 2006


Belief and experience in early modern Scotland, demonology and witchcraft, religious and cultural history in Britain 


The Age of the Witch-hunts, history of Medieval, early modern, and modern Britain, Scottish history, the British Reformations

Selected Publications

Michelle D. Brock, Satan and the Scots: The Devil in Post-Reformation Scotland, c. 1560-1700 (Routledge, 2016)

Michelle D. Brock, Richard Raiswell, and David R. Winter, eds., Knowing Demons, Knowing Spritis in the Early Modern Period, ca. 1400-1750 (Palgrave MacMillan, forthcoming)

Michelle D. Brock, “Internalizing the Demonic: Satan and the Self in Early Modern Scottish Piety,” The Journal of British Studies, 54:1 (2015): 23-43.

Michelle D. Brock, "Why We Blame the Victim, and Why We Have to Stop: a Historian's Perspective," The University of Edinburgh's Global Justice Academy Blog. December 8, 2014. Published online at http://www.globaljusticeblog.ed.ac.uk/2014/12/08/victimblaming/