Liu, Jin Visiting Scholar

Liu, Jin

Center for Global Learning 223
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Associate Professor, History Department, School of Humanities and Arts, Xidan University, Xi’an, Shaanxi , CHINA.

Dr. LIU Jin received his Ph.D. in Ancient Chinese History in 2008 from Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an, People’s Republic of China. His area of specialization is the Song Dynasty (960-1279) during China’s medieval period. His published work in Chinese and English centers on Song military culture and frontier conflict, but he has also published articles on environmental history. His most recent book, The Way of Warfare Transformed: A Study of Song Military Training (in Chinese), was published in 2009. He has also published an article in English ( While in residence here at Washington and Lee, Dr. Liu will be working on a new project, funded by a grant from the Chinese government, concerning the environmental history of the Song Dynasty, with some collaboration from Professor David A. Bello.


  • 2005—06, 2008 Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an:  Ph.D. in Ancient Chinese History (Song Dynasty, 960-1279 CE)/ Song Politics, Culture and Environment
  • 2002—06, 2005 Northwest University, Xi’an:  Master’s degree in Ancient Chinese History (Song Dynasty, 960-1279 CE)
  • 1998—06, 2002 Northwest University, Xi’an:  Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology


  • Environmental history of the northwestern frontier in the Northern Song period (960-1127 CE)
  • Folk Religion during the North Song period (960-1127 CE)

Selected Publications

[1] 《南宋与金战争中的环境影响力——以淮南地区为例》["The influence of the natural environment in the Huainan region during the war between the Song and Jin Dynasties"],Songshi yanjiu luncong, 17 (2015):244-259.

[2] Liu Jin and Kang Lei, "The effect of environment on the war between the Song and the Jin states," in Environmental History in East Asia, Tsui-jung Liu, ed., Routledge (2013): 91-99. (

[3]《武道沧桑——宋代军事训练研究》 [The Way of Warfare Transformed: A Study of Song Military Training], Shaanxi renmin chubanshe, 2009.