Hilllel Coffee House Night Hannah Falchuk '18

With the help of singer/songwriter Micah and the E. Café baristas, the morning and
daytime café located inside the Hillel House was transformed into a late-night coffeehouse on November 8.

Students were able to take a break from studying with made-to-order coffee drinks and hot chocolate and house-made pastries, while some brought their books and computers for a more relaxed atmosphere than the main floor of the library. Everyone, though, got the chance to enjoy some good company and conversation, as students filled the café throughout the evening. One of the most unexpected treats of the night ended up being the E. Café’s newest addition to
its desert menu  the Hill-O, a type of cronut made specially by the E. Café chefs. Although the desserts went quickly, the soft sound of Micah’s acoustic guitar helped students unwind slowly before the week ahead.

Micah is becoming a regular in Lexington; he played to an enthusiastic crowd last year at the Hillel-sponsored Gaines Gathering in the dorm’s newly-completed rotunda. This year, though, the extra tables and booths of the E. Café allowed more students to spend time at the coffee house, and they were able to work or relax while listening to the music and sipping coffee.

When Micah finished his last song, he was happy to give out free copies of his EP, wishing the students another successful school year. With a new study soundtrack, I am definitely prepared for more late-night study sessions.