Community Torah Study Annette Green

One unique aspect of Judaism is that our Torah is best studied in groups.  In fact, the Hebrew term for Torah study is "chevre Torah" which literally means a close network of friends reading Torah together. The reason for this is that we believe that each of us brings our own truth to the meaning of what we read, and by sharing this with others, we can all expand our understanding of the text.  It is not important to agree on one interpretation, only to consider the possibilities.

It is in that spirit that a small, informal group of community members meets each week at the Hillel House.  We read through the Torah portion designated for that week (in English), pausing to comment on parts that interest, inspire, puzzle or even trouble us.  We then look at a variety of commentaries - ranging from Rabbinical times to current day - to find out how Jewish scholars have interpreted the text over the ages.  This often helps us better appreciate the beauty and compassion of our story and laws, and also to grapple with some of the more uncomfortable parts of it.  We always have plenty of rich fodder for discussion, and for consideration of how we can still apply Torah to our lives thousands of years after it was given to us at Sinai.  

We welcome new members.  No previous knowledge or Hebrew reading is required, and there is no homework.  Just come, join our informal discussion, learn, teach and get inspired!  For more information, contact Annette Green at