Birthright Israel Exhibit at Leyburn Library Alex Meilech '18

W&L Hillel enjoyed a collaboration with the school library for the exhibit “A Trip to Israel”. The exhibit was about the Birthright Israel, an organization that sends young Jews from around the world on a free ten day trip to Israel to learn about and experience Israel with their peers. W&L has a Hillel Birthright trip each winter in which many students participate.  This year we went with other Virginia colleges. Many of the W&L students gave their personal mementos and photos on loan to the library for display in the exhibit, which was curated and set up by Librarian and Instructional Design Specialist
Emily Cook. Rachel Reibach ’18, Maddi Boireau ’17, Simon Michnick ’17, Lauren Michnick ’14 ‘17L, Alex Meilech ’18, Caroline Birdrow ’16, and Rebecca Orsak ’18 were among the student photographers who went on Birthright and gave their photos to be displayed.

Stepping into the main exhibit, a visitor was surrounded by blown up pictures spanning the Birthright experience. W&L students riding on camels in the Negev, covered in mud in the Dead Sea, looking over the sweeping expanse of mountains in the Golan Heights. Mezuzot and candlesticks from Israeli markets, trip t-shirts and postcards made the exhibit came to life. Many Hillel members participated in the opening, where they noshed on Israeli snacks (Wissotzky lemon-mint tea, Elite pop rocks chocolate, Bamba, and Bissli) and shared their experiences in Israel with their peers. The exhibit opened on the evening of February 4 and was on display for the rest of the month. The exhibit even received recognition by Hillel International in their newsletter.