Avi Shabbat Jordan Goldstein '18

Our 2nd ever Avi Shabbat was a big success! With 42 students in attendance from SVU, VMI, and
W&L, the conversations remained lively throughout the evening.  To honor Avi Schaefer and his legacy of service to Israel and the American conversation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we had 6 tables with a professor at each who had sent out articles relating to their areas of expertise and the conflict. Blue Phoenix Café made some amazing falafel and humus for dinner, along with student-made couscous and baklava from Sweet Treats. Bringing traditionally Israeli and Jewish foods to the table made the night that much more fun! Once everyone arrived, the discussions kicked right off, even before we had a chance to formally introduce the event. I was super excited to hear many students express their gratitude for the event being hosted, and even more so to hear that a lot people learned quite a bit from that night. The participants varied greatly, from people who regularly attend Hillel events to individuals that have never attended a W&L Hillel event before. I can’t wait to see how this program grows and improves even more next year.