Prospective Student Shabbat Dinner Hannah Falchuk '18

This past January, nine high school students visited Washington and Lee as a part of W&L Admission's prospective student fly-in program. The students came from across the country, including states as far as Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, and California. The students were able to stay in the dorms with current freshmen and also attended classes and toured the campus. Many current students were eager to host the prospective students, especially as they fondly remembered their experiences from their own visits to W&L Hillel. That Friday, all were invited to the Shabbat Shalom dinner, where W&L students of all classes were able to meet and talk to the prospective students. Hillel serves as a great gathering location on Friday nights for both students involved in Jewish life and students interested in learning more about the Jewish faith, and this was evident to the visiting students. While admissions applications had already been sent, the visit offered the prospective students a unique opportunity to see campus during an important time in every prospective student's decision-making process. Visiting a campus is an invaluable part of making a college decision, and for many of the students, this was their first opportunity to see Washington and Lee in person. From speaking with current Jewish students, the prospective students are able to hear about the ample events and opportunities that Washington and Lee is able to offer. Hopefully our efforts translate into many new faces for next year!