Superbowl Party at Hillel Maya Epelbaum '16

On Super Bowl Sunday, Washington and Lee Hillel, combined with Reformed University Fellowship and Generals' Christian Fellowship (on-campus Christian youth fellowships), hosted an interfaith athletic extravaganza-Super Bowl Sunday Hillel style. The members of Hillel traditionally gather to watch Sunday night football games upstairs in the Hillel House, but as the size of the game increased, so too did the size of the hosting party increase. With all three religious groups, not only was great football celebrated that day, but so was the pride and strength of interfaith activity here on campus.

While I wish I could write about the highlights of the game, the crazy halftime show that took the power out, and the hilarious commercials, to be honest, there were so many awesome people and so much good food that night that I was completely oblivious as to what was actually on the screen. It was a great time and I cannot wait for next year's Super Bowl so I can pretend to know who is playing, while actually just enjoying the food and the people!