Purim at Hillel Naphtali Rivkin '15

Many students got to celebrate Purim with their families this year over February break, but the festivities continued with the Washington and Lee Hillel family the first weekend back to school. Friday night, March 1st, at 4:45 p.m., about a dozen students gathered in the Hillel kitchen dressed in colorful robes and makeshift crowns to run through our parts for that night's Purim Shpeil. After Friday night prayer services, we performed-and slightly improvised-the Tale of Purim for a crowd of professors, students, faculty and friends. The story was abridged and updated to include some W&L inside jokes. We had a lot of fun with it, and the audience did too. That belated Purim night at the W&L Hillel was all about the spirit of Purim, "visamachta, vichagecha, vihayita'a ach sameach," which means "you should rejoice, and you should celebrate, and you should be only happy." A week after coming back to school from break, we rekindled the spirit of Purim, and were indeed "only happy."