Hillel Hosts Fondue Lauren Michnick '14

With the term coming to a close and exams on the horizon at Washington and Lee, I decided everyone could use a study break. As VP of Membership, I hosted a fondue party on Saturday, April 6. Not only was it a way to get more Jewish students to attend Hillel events, but it was also a way to involve non-Jewish students in Hillel activities. All students were welcome at the fondue party as a way to relax before exam week began. About 30 students attended the event, a very successful number since this event was planned in just three days.

The party featured assortments of both cheese and chocolate fondue as well as many dippable treats. We had strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, graham crackers, pretzels, angel food cake, apples, bananas, oreos and many more tasty snacks. Some students who do not eat fondue even came to this event to join in on the fun and take a break from studying.

Because of the great turnout and enjoyment of everyone involved, Hillel may start hosting a fondue party before every exam week!