Lunch & Learn Series Brendan Strauss '15

"A room full of Jews is sitting around a table eating bagels and talking about tattoos" sounds like the start of a mediocre joke, but it's not; it's a "Lunch and Learn." Washington and Lee's Hillel House, under the direction of Brett Schwartz, started Lunch and Learn this year, which took place every other week. A typical Lunch and Learn begins with each attendee grabbing lunch from the E. Café located in the Hillel House. Once everyone has their lunch, the group heads up to the second floor conference room to discuss the main topic of the day. With each session come special guests who either lead the discussion or contribute their invaluable opinions with the students.

From "Tattooed Jews" to "Is Any of That Stuff in the Bible True?" to "Madonna and Kabbalah" this year's Lunch and Learns have covered various topics that modern Jews can relate to. The most shocking part is the difference of opinions coming from the students. Each discussion was met with a multitude of views, and each view was acknowledged and respected, making Hillel's Lunch and Learn not only a place to eat and talk, but also a place to make new and interesting friends, all while learning about the Jewish heritage and the modern Jew.