Israeli Independence Day Lauren Michnick '14

On Wednesday, May 25 Washington and Lee University's Hillel hosted a dinner at The Marketplace celebrating Israeli Independence Day. The dinner included traditional Israeli foods as well as festive Israeli decorations. Some dishes in this menu included matboucha, falafel, noodle kugel, brisket, chicken schnitzel, as well as a personal favorite of mine, coconut macaroons. Excellent music to enhance our festivities was provided by Ian Shaw and Brett Schwartz. The purpose of the Israeli dinner was to share Israeli customs with the entire school, not just Hillel members. Vicky Cervantes, a students who joined me at dinner who is not a member of Hillel said, "This dinner enabled me to have a much better understanding of Israeli culture, plus the food was great!"

It was enjoyable to see people's faces when they walked into the dinning room to see it decorated and especially when people came in dancing because of the Israeli music. One of the best parts of the dinner besides the great food, music,
and people was that it occurred during Accepted Students Weekend so students who are interested in W&L were exposed to some of best aspects of Hillel. I cannot wait until we celebrate again next year!