The State of W&L Hillel Madeleine Boireau '17, W&L Hillel Student President

For the 2015-2016 academic year, my biggest goal as the president of Hillel, is to turn this organization into what Washington and Lee is: a student run group. Working with our Executive Board, Laura Wiseman, Vice President and Keith Denning, Treasurer we have been collaborating with the rest of the board positions to create events to bring Hillel to the students. Our weekly Shabbat Shalom dinners have drawn students from a variety of organizations to learn about Jewish Culture in a very informal situation.

The Student Board is composed of nine chair positions and ten total students: Jordan Goldstein '18 (Shabbat Chair), Jake Rosen '18 (Communications Chair), Shlomo Honig '18 (Speakers Chair), Batsheva Honig '17 and Caroline Birdrow '16 (Social Action Chairs), Ron Perets '18 (Holidays Chair), Rachel Reibach '18 (Engagement Chair), Rebecca Orsak '18 (Israel Chair), and Hannah Falchuk '18 (Star Newsletter Editor). For the first time, since the development of the student board, we created a VMI Liaison Chair, Stephen Reibach VMI ‘18. It has always been very important to us to include VMI in our events in order to create a stronger Jewish community in Rockbridge County. With this chair position we have a better understanding of how VMI works and how to better include all cadets in Washington and Lee Hillel.

We are very excited for the upcoming year and hope to bring Washington and Lee as well as Rockbridge County many more great events!