Building the Sukkah Maxwell Louman '19

During a late September and early October afternoon during the first few days of fall, W&L and VMI students gathered with a local community member to build and eventually take down the Hillel sukkah. These were great bonding experiences, one of which ended with some pizza and a nice conversation.

Building the Sukkah involved a lot of manual labor and a couple of power tools and nails, but eventually the job was finished and the Sukkah ready to be used. Building the Sukkah took a while, but the end result was definitely worth the effort. There were a few dilemmas involved, including an inability to locate a hammer, trying to find an electric outlet for a saw, and finding ourselves literally in a sticky situation (sticky hands from tree sap). The entire process couldn’t have come together if it weren’t for the help of Mitch, a community member, directing us and lending a hand. Once, the Sukkah was finished, we were able to enjoy the natural wooden walls and pine branch roofing. In addition, we were lucky to have missed the rain that started almost immediately after we finished.

Taking down the Sukkah was a much easier process, which included unscrewing a few nails and putting the wood back in the basement. At one point, due to a miscalculation, the entire structure nearly collapsed at once! Luckily, this did not happen, and we slowly took down each wall, putting everything carefully away in preparation to do this again next year!