Latke-Hamentashen Debate Ben Brams '15

On Tuesday, March 18, students and professors gathered in an attempt to answer one of the culinary world's most hotly contested questions-that of Jewish food superiority. Who would carry the night: the sweet and crumbly hamentashen or the fried and delicious latke? Two teams of faculty, Dean Marcia France and Professor Simon Levy for Team Hamentashen, and Dean Hank Dobin and W&L Law Professor Mark Grunewald representing Team Latke, squared off in what was a very spirited affair.

Professor Levy led off Team Hamentashen with an unconventional presentation that hailed the more cryptographic side of the three-cornered pastry. In rebuttal, Professor Grunewald recalled Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' affinity for the potato pancake. It was too close to call after the first round, and while there was much laughter from the audience, the bragging rights at stake were certainly no laughing matter. To open the second round, Dean France used her scientific expertise to extoll the chemical perfection of the hamentashen, while Dean Dobin followed up with the earth-shattering discovery of William Shakespeare's lost latke folios.

After the teams were finished presenting and all the busted guts in the room were repaired, our trusty Applause-o-Meter was called into service in order to decide a very close debate.

Although it appeared to be back and forth for a few moments, eventually a winner was chosen: the winner, and new champion of the Latke-Hamentashen Debate...Team Hamentashen!

The winners were congratulated, but in the end, we were all winners because we were able to sample both foods in question, and if I do say so myself, both were very enjoyable. On a more serious note, I'd like to thank our debate participants because without them, there is no debate. It's awesome to see diverse academic fields like chemistry, computer science, law, and literature come together for one night of playful mockery. No amount of screaming or slandering, hair-pulling or name-calling, could take away from the laughter and fun that unfolded on that night. As the old saying goes-some must win, some must lose, but by the end, all must eat