Charity Kickball Joe Yank '15

On Sunday, October 26, a squad of intrepid Hillel members took the field for the Relay for Life charity kickball tournament to support cancer research. With beautiful skies above, the Hillel Bagels and Lox played two games, winning the first by a wide margin and losing the second by a similarly humorous score. However, success in charity kickball is not measured in runs and wins.

We tried to set ourselves apart from the competition by fostering a culture of professionalism. Our uniform consisted of gym shorts or sweatpants, white t-shirts and neckties. This ensemble allowed us the mobility necessary for the intense athletic rigors of kickball, while sending a clear message to our opponents that they faced a no-nonsense, disciplined unit.

In order to further dominate the psychological aspects of kickball, we also made use of codenames, a tactic no other team employed. They were, in order of batting appearance:

  1. Caroline "Iron Boot" Birdrow
  2. Ellie "Fortune Favors the..." Bold
  3. Spencer "Aces" Borwick
  4. Zachary "Whirlwind" Dubit
  5. Keith "The Hammer" Denning
  6. Jordan "Golden Pipes" Goldstein
  7. Shlomo "Brass Knuckles" Honig
  8. Rebecca "Into Orbit" Orsak
  9. Rachel "Big Shot" Reibach
  10. "Shoeless Joe" Yank

Beyond our nicknames, we received a further boost from the presence of Hillel director Megan McLean, making us the only team with a dedicated fan. Megan kept our heads in the game with probing questions such as "who's winning?" and "why didn't you kick it farther?" Thank you, Megan.

Not only was it a fun event, but the kickball tournament gave Hillel an opportunity to support a great cause. W&L's Relay for Life group does excellent work raising awareness and money for cancer research and we at Hillel were all very happy to kick some butt (or balls, whatever) for charity.