Sunday Night Football Ben Brams '15

Every Sunday night at 8:30, cheers can be heard ringing from the upstairs conference room at the Hillel House. No, it's not the sounds of celebrating a new school week-it's Sunday Night Football at Hillel. Students are invited to watch the game, relax, enjoy some pizza (generously provided by Hillel), and cheer on their favorite team! In addition, students who attend can try their hand at guessing the winning team and final score of the game. If the student's prediction is correct (for both team and score), he or she wins a small reward. First-year Zack Dubit says he really enjoys trying to predict the score of the game: "It's fun because I don't know that much about football, but I'm learning!"

It's not just a guys-only event either. "In fact," says junior Sam Raphael, "Megan (another frequent SNF attendee) knows more about football than any of us!" No matter the score or the team, W&L students certainly go crazy for football, and it's always nice to end a hectic week watching some pigskin with friends."