Parents' Weekend Madeleine Boireau '17

For my family and many others, the Hillel House proved to be Washington and Lee's prime location to celebrate Parents Weekend. My mom's first of many visits to Hillel began Thursday afternoon when she rolled into Lexington and met my friends and me for an afternoon coffee. Even this simple rendezvous was a showcase of what Hillel has to offer: a comforting atmosphere in which to enjoy the company of friends, and in this case, family as well. But this was only the beginning.

Perhaps the weekend's headlining event was the Shabbat dinner, a Friday tradition in Hillel to celebrate the Jewish day of rest. Parents and students from all over the country gathered in the multi-purpose room for the Shabbat service led by Sammy Rosier and Emily Danzig. Following the service students transformed the room into a dining hall. They carried in tables and arranged the chairs so everyone could enjoy a fabulous meal. The students accomplished this feat with lightning speed and in less than two minutes, seven tables were armed with tablecloths, challah and wine. But perhaps the most memorable part of the meal came at its conclusion: following a sudden rain, a beautiful rainbow appeared above Hillel. Friday night was a memorable night of tradition that we had the pleasure of sharing with friends and family at Hillel.

The festivities continued on Sunday morning with another tradition: the annual Parents Weekend bagel brunch. The joyous occasion was dampened only by the realization that this was the last activity for many parents and students for the weekend.

Sharing Hillel with my mom made my first Parents Weekend truly special. I spend more time in Hillel than the average student, but not only because it happens to be my work-study assignment. Although Hillel has terrific iced coffee and the best bagels that Lexington has to offer, it provides far more than that: it is a warm and inviting place to relax amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy college student's life. The Hillel community on campus is a great commodity that people are hard-pressed to find elsewhere. I am truly grateful to have spent much of my Parents weekend in one of the true gems of this campus