Modern Hebrew Lunch Series Haley Archer-McClellan '15

In my three years at Washington and Lee, I've attended Shabbat services at various synagogues and enjoyed holiday services at Hillel. Because I wasn't raised Jewish, I never learned Hebrew as a kid, but my admiration for Judaism and love of languages inspired me to attend the Learn Modern Hebrew series at Hillel this term.

Under the guidance of Rabbi Fabian Werbin of Roanoke's Beth Israel Synagogue, my fellow language enthusiasts and I met in the conference room once a week to work on our writing and verb conjugations, read news articles in Hebrew, and practice our speaking. While I'm far from being able to read a Hebrew newspaper, in just a matter of weeks I've learned to string sentences together and I'm finally getting a handle on Hebrew verbs.

Rabbi Werbin's excitement for the class only served to improve the experience, and his enthusiasm for the language is infectious. I'll certainly be continuing to work on my Hebrew and would definitely recommend others to attend when the Modern Hebrew series returns.