Sukkot in Style Ian Shaw '13

This year, the students of Hillel celebrated Sukkot the only way we know-with style. With the help of Mitch Wapner, a local community member and member of the Hillel Advisory Board, we built a beautiful sukkah. We had an abundant amount of gourds hanging from the top of the sukkah, bright green foliage covering the roof and potted plants sitting by the doorway. After decorating and putting on the finishing touches, we gathered for our annual ‘Pizza in the Hut.' It unfortunately started to rain, so we had to have Shabbat inside, but we were still really proud of our work.

The next week the Hillel officers organized three lunches in the Sukkah with other members of Hillel. Students ranged from first years to seniors, and we had a solid turnout every day. Having these lunches allowed us to perform the Mitzvahs of eating in the Sukkah and saying the blessings for sitting in the Sukkah. We also got the chance to perform the mitzvah of the Lulav and Etrog and recite their blessings as well.

Our main event of the week was S'mores, Stars, and Sukkot in the Sukkah. We created a small fire outside, roasted marshmallows, and enjoyed some s'mores. As we were gathered around the fire, we chatted, played games, and enjoyed each other's company. I can assure you we had a great time! There was even talk of spending the night in the Sukkah, however mother nature had different plans. There is always next year though. All in all, I'd say this was another successful Sukkot here at W&L Hillel.