FDR Assessment Testing

Students completing the FDR requirement in French and Spanish will be assessed to determine the student's progress in completion of the FDR. We encourage students to do their best in the FDR assessment to help us in determining the quality of our offerings.

Testing Instructions

1. Read these instructions in their entirety before you start the FDR assessment test.
2. The password is test.
3. Once the password is typed, click login.
4. Select your language (French or Spanish). Click begin.
5. Please type in only required information specified here within the testing program - First name, Last Name, ID Number, Email
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click continue.
7. Read the instructions provided very carefully. DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON AT ANY TIME DURING THE TEST.
8. Do the practice question. Select your answer with your mouse. Click submit answer.
9. Now the actual test begins. Read the instructions provided for each question carefully.
10. Questions will stop automatically.
11. You will see a screen that has information which is similar to that which is below:

Id Number: 100100100100
E-mail: PTT@wlu.edu
Started: 12:35PM Wed 31 May 2016
Ended: 12:45PM Wed 31 May 2016
Duration: 0 hours 10 minutes
Points: 610

12. Make note of your points and record the number of points on the assessment sheet you received from the GDL assistant.
13. Hand the sheet in to a test supervisor (the GDL assistant or Professor Kuettner).   
14. If you fail to click on finished, no valid raw score will be submitted.
15. After reading all the above instructions, go to WebCape to begin the testing process.